Is Spousal Support Appropriate In Your Case?

Spousal support, commonly known as alimony and referred to by the courts as spousal maintenance, is becoming a more common part of divorce. When a married couple has sufficient levels of income and there is a disparity between the earning potentials of those spouses, a court may be inclined to grant spousal support. Lawyer Kimberly Carter Blair can help you understand how alimony may apply in your situation.

The possibility of the granting of spousal support needs to be considered in every divorce. Whether you would be a recipient or you would be obligated to pay, you deserve to have legal representation that understands the factors that are considered as part of determining if spousal maintenance is appropriate in your situation as well as issues such as the amount and duration of any award.

Some of the common factors considered in the determination of spousal support include:

  • Length of the marriage
  • Age of the spouses
  • Health of the spouses
  • Income potential
  • Education

Committed To Securing The Outcomes You Need

At Blair & Rowady, we understand the importance of securing the spousal support arrangements our clients need. We rely on our extensive experience to fight for spousal support determinations that are beneficial to our clients. Finances can be one of the major hurdles that people need to clear as they leave a marriage and begin to build their lives as single people. Making sure that any award of spousal support is helping our clients rather than acting as a stumbling block is one of our main goals.

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