What Are The Issues Facing High-Asset Couples In Divorce?

When there are assets and property of significant value as part of the marital estate, great care is required in the division of property. Having an experienced divorce lawyer who understands how to act as an effective advocate for you on these issues is the smartest choice you can make.

Proper Valuation Of Assets

Whether it is a small business, a horse farm or other type of substantial property or asset, valuation is one of the key issues. Before an asset or property can be divided appropriately, the value has to be determined. For more valuable properties and assets, there may be more than one way to assess the value. We work with outside experts when necessary to help us arrive at values that serve our clients' needs.

Dividing Small Businesses And Farms Without Damaging Their Value

How do you divide a small business, farm or other active asset without damaging it? This can be a crucial question. No one is served by a crude approach that damages the worth of the most valuable assets from a marriage. We work to create the most effective solutions to challenging property division problems.

Committed To Securing The Outcomes You Need

At Blair & Rowady, we are highly effective advocates for our clients during the property division process. Divorce attorney Kimberly Carter Blair has extensive experience focusing on high-asset divorces. Eastern and Central Kentucky is an equitable property state. This means that the division of property will not necessarily be 50-50. We can help you pursue the most advantageous division of the marital estate. Part of creating the most beneficial outcomes for our clients includes asserting or challenging assertions that some property is nonmarital, such as inherited property, and should not be divided. Our experience in property characterization and the division of assets allows us to help you secure a division of the marital estate that serves you well.

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