An act of domestic violence or abuse can threaten the very bonds of your family, as well as your personal safety and that of your children. These situations must be taken seriously and protection sought as quickly as possible to ensure that further harm is not done. Just as serious are the times when a person is falsely accused of committing domestic violence which can have a profound effect upon family relationships and employment.

Fayette County Physical Abuse Attorneys - Fighting for the Protection of Kentucky Families

At Blair & Rowady, P.S.C. we understand the immense strain this causes you and your children. We handle these cases with swift action, keeping you fully abreast of all developments and information.

To contact us as quickly as possible to begin the process of seeking a protective order for the safety of yourself and your children, or to defend against allegations of domestic violence if you are on the receiving end of a petition, please call us today at 859-759-4539 or toll free at 877-390-6674. We return phone calls quickly and will begin to pursue the case as quickly as possible.

Criminal law cases are offered a free consultation, and in all family law cases, the consultation fee is waived if you hire us that day.

Winchester Domestic Violence Attorneys

We will help you obtain the protective orders needed to shield you from contact with abusive or otherwise destructive situations or, on the other hand, to oppose the entry of an unwarranted order against you.

Restraining orders are generally granted by the judge on the basis of evidence of destructive behaviors, including:

  • Family violence
  • Spousal abuse
  • Physical or verbal attacks
  • Evidence of striking, biting, battery, kicking
  • Stalking
  • Threatening or harassing behavior
  • Sexual assault or molestation
  • Damaged property

Our lawyers will help you demonstrate to the court that you are in clear and immediate danger. Time is of the essence in these situations, and we will move your matter forward in an efficient and speedy manner that gets you the safety you need as soon as possible.

We can also help if a claim of domestic violence is made against you.