Understanding The Child Support Guidelines

Whether it is part of a divorce or as part of a child custody determination, how child support obligations are set can have a major impact on your life and your child's life. This makes it important that levels of support are set appropriately to your individual circumstances.

In Eastern and Central Kentucky, there are state guidelines and a formula that the courts use to determine child support levels based on each parent's gross income and certain other considerations in the self-employment situation. These guidelines can help ensure that your child support levels are set correctly. However, they need to be appropriately applied.

What If One Parent Underreports His Or Her Income?

There are situations where the determination of income is less clear than simply looking at a W-2. Determining the income of independent contractors and small-business owners can be more difficult, but our experience allows us to create a clearer picture of people's incomes in even these more challenging situations.

Committed To Securing The Outcomes You Need

At Blair & Rowady, our firm offers people the extensive experience and skill they need to resolve family law matters such as child support effectively. We know how important it is that child support levels are set appropriately. The children's needs have to be met and we will work to achieve our clients' goals.

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