Couples seeking to expand their families through the adoption of a child often face a long journey with obstacles and red tape along the way. At Blair & Rowady, P.S.C. we do everything within our power to clear as many obstacles as possible, smoothing the process.

We understand the daunting and financially demanding task of legally adopting children whom you consider your own. We provide a legal service that cares for and supports your needs and wishes as you navigate the process of adoption.

We assist families hoping to adopt a child through state-directed situations, generally involving foster care. We also assist in private adoption, de facto adoptions and the adoption of adults.

Lexington Step Parent Adoption Attorneys

For many stepparents, the decision to legally adopt their stepchildren is a natural one. After years of carrying out parental duties and responsibilities, they wish to be legally responsible for the children and gain parental rights.

Without going through the process of legally adopting the children, you have no legal rights in their lives. We can guide you through the process of legally bringing them into your family.

Our significant family law experience enables us to deftly maneuver the adoption process, obtaining the necessary paperwork and signatures to legally solidify your parent-child relationship with your stepchild.

Kentucky and Winchester Adoption Attorneys

We listen carefully to the needs and goals of our clients as they expand their families. To arrange a consultation with a skilled adoption lawyer, please call us today at 859-759-4539 or toll free at 877-390-6674. We are also available via e-mail.

Criminal law cases are offered a free consultation, and in all family law cases, including adoption, the consultation fee is waived if you hire us that day.