How Can A Trust Help Me?

When it comes time to consider planning for your estate, you may be interested to learn more about trusts, how they can accomplish your goals and the flexibility they add to every estate plan. Some of the most common reasons people want to learn more about trusts include:

  • Avoid probate
  • Minimize taxes
  • Maintain privacy

In reality, these are just the most straightforward goals that establishing a trust can accomplish. Trusts are very versatile and can serve very specific goals.

Tailored To Your Individual Needs

There are many different types of trusts serving different needs. Our experience and skill allows us to tailor the different types of trusts to meet almost any need, including:

  • Providing for a child with special needs
  • Ensuring a vulnerable adult or senior loved one is properly cared for
  • Protecting a family business against the risks of succession

Committed To Helping You Develop The Estate Plan You Need

At Blair & Rowady, our firm understands that our clients all come to us with individual needs and goals. Trusts are one of the most useful tools for accomplishing people's estate planning goals. Our knowledge of the varied types of trusts allows us to line up our clients with the right type of trust for them. Our skill in trust creation can ensure that your trust will meet its intended needs. With decades of estate planning experience, we know how to give our clients what they need to find peace of mind about the future.

We provide free initial consultations with our attorneys to those who want to learn more about how a trust can serve their needs. Call our firm at 859-759-4539 or toll free at 877-390-6674. You may also contact us via email.