Experienced Help Navigating The Probate And Estate Administration Processes

Very little can ease the burden of losing a loved one. After such a loss, everyone deserves time to focus on his or her own loss and to pull together with loved ones in remembrance of the person that was lost.

If you have to take on the responsibilities of acting as a personal representative for your deceased loved one's estate as it is administered or goes through the probate process, you may find that your grief is exacerbated as your personal time is dominated by the need to ensure that the estate is properly handled.

Taking That Burden Off Your Shoulders

We understand the weight the probate process and estate administration can place on people's shoulders at such difficult times. We are here to ease that burden.

  • We can offer you assistance and guidance with the process to help avoid any mistakes regarding taxes, payment of debts or the disbursement of assets and property.
  • We can also take a greater role where rather than simply helping you navigate the processes, we take on those responsibilities and ensure that everything is appropriately handled.

Committed To Helping You Settle Your Loved One's Estate

At Blair & Rowady, our firm believes that an important part of the service that we can offer people is to ease the burden they have to deal with in regards to the estates of their loved ones. Administering an estate or going through the probate process can be complex. Most people have never done it before. Any mistakes can lead to conflict with family members. It is important that everything is done correctly. Probate attorney Alex Rowady can provide the guidance and assistance you need.

We offer the compassionate and skilled help people need in the Winchester/Lexington area to navigate the probate or estate administration processes. We offer free initial consultations. Contact us online or call 859-759-4539 or toll free at 877-390-6674.