Powers Of Attorney And Living Wills Are Key Elements Of Comprehensive Estate Plans

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At Blair & Rowady, we understand what it takes to build an estate plan that addresses all of a person's needs for the future. Beyond disposing of your assets and property, the other key task that an estate plan can accomplish for you is making sure you are well taken care of should you be unable to make your wishes clear. Powers of attorney, living wills and health care surrogates allow people to decide who they want making financial and medical decisions for them as well as communicating their wishes directly.

Powers Of Attorney

A durable power of attorney grants decision-making power to another person. In this instance, the power granted would be in regards to your finances. A durable power of attorney is something that is there should you become incapacitated in some way and need someone to make sure bills are paid and your finances are managed. It allows you to choose a person you trust. If you do not take the time to name someone to fill that role, the state may make that choice for you.

This is a simple document to create and most people would rather choose someone they trust than leave it to the government to decide.

Living Wills/Health Care Surrogate

Choices regarding end-of-life health care are some of the most personal you will ever make. Unfortunately, most of the time people have not communicated them clearly. A living will allows people to make clear what measures they want to be taken in regards to resuscitation and health care choices that are made while they are incapacitated.

Naming a health care surrogate grants someone else the power to make health care choices for you should you become incapacitated. Naming a health care surrogate is part of a living will. This allows you to directly communicate your wishes regarding end-of-life health care choices while appointing someone who knows you and what you want to speak up for you.

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