Our Trial Skills Can Help Resolve The Most Difficult Estate Disputes

Settling a loved one's estate can be very challenging. Emotions often run high and it is all too easy for conflict to develop. People may have very different ideas of whether the estate plan dealt with the estate as they expected. People may also have different ideas about how the administration of the estate or its probate should be handled.

Part of what can make these conflicts so difficult to resolve is that money may not be the issue. People can have sincerely held points of view that are polar opposite about either the will or trusts or how the estate has been handled. People's grief can exacerbate a conflict beyond the point where it can be resolved without litigation.

Protecting Our Clients In Estate Conflicts

If a conflict is unavoidable, having strong litigation representation is the best choice to ensure your interests are protected. Our experience and skill in estate litigation allows us to help any party to an estate conflict. Whether you are questioning the validity of the will, how the estate plan was handled, the probate of the estate, the estate administration or if you require skilled defense against a claim, we can help.

Committed To Helping You Effectively Resolve Estate Disputes

At Blair & Rowady, we know how the resolution of a loved one's estate can create intractable conflicts. These situations call for strong advocacy. The foundation of a strong case is always built with persuasive evidence. When beneficial to the case, we rely on expert witnesses, depositions and other ways of creating the most effective case for you. These can be very complex cases. Attorney Alex Rowady has almost 25 years of experience fighting for his clients' best interests in estate conflicts.

When you are facing conflict regarding a loved one's estate in the Winchester/Lexington area and litigation may be the only means of achieving resolution, we can help. To schedule a free initial consultation, call 859-759-4539 or toll free at 877-390-6674 or contact us online.