Is Your Child Facing Criminal Charges At College?

Attending university is a time when young people often take their first steps toward independence. It may be their first time away from the steadying influence of their parents. It can be very easy for young people to stumble and make choices that have them facing criminal charges.

Some of the common charges that university and college students need a strong defense against include:

Is Your Child Facing Criminal Charges?

Criminal charges can have a devastating impact on the future of a young person. A criminal record can make it incredibly difficult to build a career. A drug conviction can prevent your child from being eligible for financial aid. Any criminal charge may result in academic discipline that could include expulsion or suspension.

"As the parent of a college student, I understand the value of a higher education for our children. I approach defending college and university students against criminal charges with the understanding that their futures are at stake." — criminal defense lawyer Alex Rowady

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At Blair & Rowady, we utilize our decades of criminal defense experience to help protect young people's futures against the harm that can be done by even minor criminal charges. All parents owe it to themselves to give their child the best chance to build a bright future. We can help make sure criminal charges do not stop your child from building the positive life you want for him or her. Attorney Alex Rowady is dedicated to securing the best possible results for his clients. He knows how valuable a clean criminal record is for young people as they start out.

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